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Welcome at Web-site of our LINEKX company, that this year find with wide spectrum of products, it now is 23 years old.

Web-site will inform you for our company, for growth and development in those years, further reformation in structure, in infrastructure, technology etc. Growth of their productions from year to year that was born from the advantages of the market economy accompany with rapid development of the multiple productions and opening new lines.

It show for the great demands to those products in our internal market, but and more wide. Now we have our clients and dealers, affiliated centers in Tirana, Fieri, Shkodra, Korca, Elbasan, Lezha, Vlora, Peshkopia almost in all Albania but and beyond the state border, from Montenegro and Kosovo, number of they is growing rapidly day by day.
Without entering in details, because in our web-site you will find every thing what you need , allow me to declare that our company really is one of the prestigious companies in Gjirokastra, why not and in our country.
Last year that we finish, we have done growth of production. For this we need to work more hard for the high quality acontrary low cost how one of the base principles to compete in the market economy for the reason of great dealers.
We cooperate in the field of technology with “ELITE” Company (like leader in this field in our region) and with EUROINCIS. This year we have implemented new roll-on. Inauguration of new modern line some months ago, have done that our company to fulfill contemporary standards in technology.
Mission of our company is to improve much more the quality in service of the new consumers and production of new articles consumers: like aromatic paper and variety design, handkerchief, aluminum paper etc. Attempt to fulfill the mission of the company in now days request improvement of technology, further qualification of the workers and the staff.
We invite partners and clients to cooperate and to take part in of development of our economy to be a part of further integration of participation of Albania in Europe.


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